The Jalapeño Handshake | Author by Lydia Johnson

"Lydia Johnson talks the talk and walks the walk. In The Jalapeño Handshake she shares valuable insights from her own business experiences. These invaluable lessons are ideal for anyone committed to achieving a higher level of productivity."

-Candy Hodson, Senior VP of National Sales & Marketing, Black Press Media, Surrey BC

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Excerpt from The Book...

Sadly, most of us also know who you would not use again because of feeling "burned" in the past. We've all been there. We've felt taken advantage of in some way when we've bought something, told one thing and paid for something else, let down along the way when our needs weren't met and it was clearly a case of the seller getting his or her sale, not about a satisfied customer end result.

No relationships are built in these cases and we all have a tendency to share our misfortunes in our buying experiences with others. In fact, we can't wait to tell others. No company wants that to happen to them and to their valuable name. Most companies don't have a clear sense of what their sales staff are creating as a reputation with their precious company brand at risk.

Raising the profile of the sales person to one of a trusted advocate is a clear way to increasing sales for any business and removing the anticipated doubt and negative perceptions most consumers have of the world of sales. It's not rocket science and can make a world of difference in our challenging market place. Some simple changes can set you personally, and whatever business you are in, aside from the crowd.

Create the relationship with your customers so that, they are willing to try something new or different because they trust you. That relationship is the essence of The Jalapeño Handshake.

In the coming chapters, we'll address questions that may have occurred to you, such as

  • Why are some people and businesses successful while others aren't?
  • What are the special elements that make up a trusting relationship?
  • Why do I do things that I know I shouldn't do, or not do things I know I should?
  • How do I feel good about what I do as a professional salesperson?
  • Where do I even begin?

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